Coventry Transport Museum 13th July 2013

From Bob Malster

‘Get out and get under’

 1897 Daimler

Horse and carriage, but no shafts!

Colman’s mustard advertisement

Gwynne’s motor fire engine, supplied to village of  Mountnessing and then sold to Marconi Company

Old motor works



1897 Daimler being fixed

From Martyn Hunt

Alfred Herbert,Coventry Dennis Ace fire engine CRW 345.

Karrier Gamecock Carmichael fire engine PWD 121. Ex Rolls Royce

Thrust SSC Jaguar X300 XJR fire tender

Pictures of the participants from Stuart McNae

Nobody seems to take pictures of the participants so Stuart thought it would be a good idea

Pictures from John Mills

Representation of vapour trails outside Coventry Transport Musuem

Montgomery Victory Car

Plaque on Montgomery Victory Car

Montgomery  in Victory Car

Thrust 2 633.468mph in 1983

Thrust Super Sonic Car SSC

Sir Frank Whittle 1907-1996.  The inventor of the jet engine watching the vapour trails

Coventry Cathedral from the 187 step bell tower

Coventry Cathedral from the bell tower

Coventry Transport Museum

Another view of the vapour trails outside Coventry Transport Museum

Crick The Red Lion Inn where we had a very pleasant meal

Coventry Transport Museum (from old Cathedral Tower)

Pictures from David Nelson

1948 Maudslay Marathon 11 coach.

1952 Ferguson R4 Prototype. During the 1950s Harry Ferguson began to develop a four wheel drive system for motorcars, from a factory in Siskin Drive, Baginton, on the outskirts of Coventry. The system he developed became known as the Ferguson Formula and was used on police cars, racing cars and on the Jensen Interceptor 'FF' sport car. This car is one of the prototype vehicles used to try out the four wheel drive system. It is powered by a 2.2 litre horizontally opposed four cylinder engine similar to the one on display with the car. It has four wheel independent suspension, Dunlop Disc brakes all round which use a Maxaret anti-locking system.

Info. kindly provided by Damien Kimberley

Curator – Research and Information, Coventry Transport Museum

A fine selection of old cars

1955 Triumph Terrier 150cc 4 stroke.  I used to own one of these. A bit unreliable.

A selection of old motorcycles.

1997 LTI, TX1 taxi. Made in the LTI Factory, Holyhead Road, Coventry.  Price new £25,000.

1932 Alvis 12/60

2003 Jaguar R4 F1 with a Cosworth V10 engine.

1980 Austin Mini Metro.  It was owned by Diana Spencer before becoming the Princess of Wales.

1982 DeLorean DMC-12.  Made famous in 1980s film “Back to the Future”.

1993 Aston Martin Prototype.

A number of Armstrong Siddeleys were being exhibited in the in the city square.

1904 Siddeley.  This was being used to give short rides.  The noise of this very quiet car was obviously too much for this young spectator.

E -type Jaguar.

1971? Convertible Triumph Herald.

Singer Gazelle.  I used to clean one just like this at weekends as a teenager.

General view of more Armstrong Siddeleys